Program that supports life transformation based on human being awareness, regardless of religious belief. We have built health, food, entertainment teams, among others, across the country.

This program includes another one named “A smile for Christmas”, its purpose is to celebrate Christmas in a particular way, that is to say by giving children the gifts they request every year in their letters. In 2017 we arrived to the village of San Luis Robles, in the Tumaco region.

In 2018, we are going to carry out this activity in the villages of the Valle del Cauca region.

  • Clothing, food, health and entertainment teams.
  • We have changed Christmas of more than 8,000 kids and adolescents of our country.
  • Beneficiaries: kids, teens and adolescents.
  • Quantity: more than 350
  • Project focus: quality of life and wellbeing.
  • Training: integral development.
  • Mixed Project.

This program has been taken to the regions of Meta (Granada and Acacias), Cundinamarca (Funza, Girardot, Soacha and Pradilla), Caqueta (San Vicente del Caguan), Putumayo (pto Leguizamo), Bogota (Ciudad Bolivar, Caracoli, Centenario, Fontibon, Planadas y Mochuelo Alto), Choco (Bahía Cupica, Nuqui and Bahia Solano), Tumaco (San Luis Robles and Chimbili) and Boyaca (Duitama, Santa Rosa de Viterbo, Chinavita, Soraca).

International work:

  • Diocese of San José Costa Rica Tillarán.
  • School of evangelization Juan Pablo II.- San José of Costa Rica.
  • Nicaragua diocese of Rivas: (psychosocial development, youth and children’s specialty).

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