Our biggest challenge: build the “First City for orphan kids, teens and adolescents between eight and twenty-four years of age coming from different regions of Colombia”. We are going to build this city with the principles and values enabling us to build the foundations for Peace in Colombia and worldwide. This will result in our and your voice being heard across Colombia.

Beneficiaries: Kids, teens and adolescents.

The training process shall be based on: 1- Educational development 2- Family building 3- Health: understood as wellness.

Mixed project.

Building of the first city for developing the talents of orphan kids, teens and adolescents.

“I bet on happiness” is a social project led by Santa Alianza de Bogotá, it proposes sustainable development solutions in the following sectors:  Challenges of social inclusion; Gender, Inequalities and Human Rights, Development of middle childhood and adolescents, education and placement on the labor market; topics that were discussed at the second annual international conference on the practice of “Sustainable Development”.

During all these years we have spent working on social issues, we have been able to discover that the most important issue in Colombia, as far as social impact, are the thousands of kids, teens and adolescents whose rights have been violated and who are without any kind of protection, abandoned and mistreated in war contexts. In addition to that, there are basic unsatisfied needs and often the impossibility of being adopted due to age.

Fortunately, the underage always finds somebody who is willing to provide care and attentions that parents couldn’t provide: a stepmother, an adoptive family, foundations and other associations.

Nonetheless, demand is much more significant than offer and, on top of that, the Colombian State could not satisfy all the needs of these children. This is the reason why the support provided to entities offering specialized programs and projects for attenuating this issue is so important.

Even if Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familiar, ICBF, has been the home of a considerable number of adolescents (60,000 approximately) they are usually beneficiaries of protection programs providing them with housing, food and education while the institution is searching for a potential adoptive family, but if they are not adopted before their 18th birthday they must leave the institution and seek their own path, it is not always easy, in fact, everything becomes difficult once on the streets.


It is at this particular point that Santa Alianza intervenes though its program called “Bet on Happiness” that is directed to children previously protected by an institution in order for them not to be obliged to pursue their future on the streets and that provides them with a place where they can develop their leadership skills, fulfill their dreams, participate to international community service programs that are going to dramatically change their lives. Those who are going to live with us will be our children until the moment they fulfill their destiny as individuals, in order to be able to reach this goal we need resources and a lot of support.

Goal: Give a lovely family to children and teens whose rights have been violated (orphans) and who are very unlikely to be adopted due to their advanced age, offering them the instruments for their integral development, education and spirituality (based on rights and principles) and turning them into pioneers in building new families who are going to contribute to society with a new model of living.

The programs we offer are characterized by a specialized educational approach which is based on self-confidence training and on developing their specific leadership talents and skills that will enable them to face daily life situations so as to achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams.
One of the most ambitious goals of this project is changing kids and teens’ lives and helping them have better placement opportunities so as to be independent thanks to a decent job offering them the conditions necessary for their development and wellbeing.

We are working for getting the plot in Bogota at the end of 2018 and start building in January 2019. Hence, we kindly invite you to bet on happiness.

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