Santa Alianza de Bogota, a Colombian NGO, gives the opportunity of a better future to boys, girls and teens by contributing effectively to a better societal development. In our foundation we work with a population group that has been affected by several social phenomena diminishing their quality of life by opening doors towards better life opportunities. This is the case of orphan children and adolescents older than eight and, therefore, of very difficult adoption. This factor makes more difficult their appropriate growth within society since they are not part of a family.

On the other hand, we find sons and daughters of people who lost their liberty due to crime or that cannot support their families. They are the beneficiaries of an accompaniment in their daily life aiming at providing the instruments keeping them away from bad habits and preventing them to follow the same path of their parents.

Our programs (God’s corner, Bet on happiness, Making dreams true, Bet on sports, Bet on liberty, Bet on education) are conceived for providing the guarantees of a better quality of life to these boys, girls and adolescents with tangible opportunities that may materialize themselves in a better future for them and their families.


Santa Alianza carries out its activities in Colombia in its capacity of an ONG developing integral strategic programs on the national level with an international projection by programs as: God’s corner, Bet on happiness, Making dreams true, Bet on sports, Bet on liberty, Bet on education aiming at improving the quality of life of social groups, communities and individuals in vulnerable conditions, and also of children and adolescents between 8 and 24, basing our interventions on respect, responsibility and the gift of service.


In 2019, Santa Alianza de Bogota will rely on a seat in the Nation’s Capital enabling us to furtherly develop the programs that we have implemented for all these years. Santa Alianza de Bogota is going enter into new commitments based on the challenges posed by the global framework in terms of “Sustainable Development” so as to become a sustainable international social enterprise lasting throughout time.


(1) Carry out advisory activities and develop educational projects/programs for the communities that need them the most.

(2) Act in such a way for these communities to internalize the activities conducted by the association in order to become the leaders of the programs and projects implemented by the association enabling us to find new members to join the cause.

(3) Implement projects and programs for children, teens and adolescents coming from different conflict situations in the country.

(4) Act in such a way enabling kids, teens and adolescents to make a positive contribution to their psychosocial and integral development. (SAB 1994).

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