jesus-de-nazaret-pelicula-e1414837684889JESUS OF NAZARETH

  • • President in charge of world salvation.
  • • The biggest ecclesiastic leader with more than 4,000,000 followers.
  • • President of the World’s Ecclesiastic Council


  • Sandra Dufay Gonzalez Perez, Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs – International Missionary. Theologian and Psychologist.
  • Eduardo Gonzalez Gutierrez: Catholic Deacon.
  • Sandra Patricia Torres Mendieta: Lawyer.
  • Patricia Lozano Moreno: System Engineer + r.i.p.
  • Ricardo Calderon : Advertising Agent.
  • Nelson Arturo González: Administrator.
  • Carlos Arturo Sanchez Correa: priest.
  • Maria de los Angeles Gonzalez: Bachelor Degree of Philosophy.
  • Doris Adela Torres Mendieta: Accountant.

Board of Directors

  • Sandra Dufay González
  • CEO
  • Legal Representative
  • Eduardo González Gutiérrez
  • Alternate CEO
  • Permanent Deacon
  • Joanna Sabogal Pedraza
  • Vicepresident
  • Marketing & Advertisement
  • Gloria Gaitán Herrera
  • Attorney department
  • Director
  • Nelson González Buitrago
  • Finance area
  • Director
  • Paola Sabogal Pedraza
  • Counsel
  • ASAB statutory act interpretation and enforcement.
  • • Armando González Gutiérrez Comptroller who manages et represents ASAB’s interests in adherence to General Assembly decisions and guidelines.
  • Káterin Viviana González Lozano
  • Secretary
  • ASAB
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